Lab Members


Elina Vladimirou - Group Leader

Elina established her lab at the Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence at UCL Cancer Institute in 2016. She has BSc/MSc training in Mathematics and Statistics from Imperial College London and University of Warwick. Following a PhD in Quantitative Cell Biology with Professor Colin Robinson (Warwick Life Sciences) and Dr Markus Kirkilionis (Mathematics Institute), Elina moved to the Centre for Mechanochemical Cell Biology for a postdoc with Andrew McAinsh where she developed a keen interest in chromosome dynamics in mitosis of human cells. The research in the Vladimirou lab is focused on the dynamics of mitosis and how deregulation of mitosis gives rise to chromosomal instability. We have established some great collaborations with Bart Vanhaesebroeck, Charles Swanton, Robert Hynds, Samuel Janes and Sarah McClelland.

Katie Dale - PhD Student

Katie is in the final year of her PhD and is investigating causes of chromosomal instability. Katie completed her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at the University of Birmingham in 2016, followed by a masters in Cancer Cell Biology at the University of Sussex.

Maria Vicente Carreira - Undergraduate Research Assistant

Maria is currently in the third year of BSc Biochemistry at UCL and an undergraduate research assistant in the lab. Maria is continuing the work she started during a summer project funded by the British Society of Cell Biology, investigating the influence of PI3K signalling on microtubule and chromosome dynamics.

Jonathan Armond - Honorary Senior Research Associate

Jon is a Senior Applied Scientist at Microsoft and is an honorary member of the lab. He helps out with computational work - imaging processing and machine learning. Jon completed his PhD at the University of Warwick in 2010. He then pursued postdoctoral work in the Complexity Science Centre, Warwick Systems Biology Centre and Centre for Mechanochemical Cell Biology, before working with Jon Pines at the Institute of Cancer Research.


  • Shania Kafi Keramati - Masters Student
  • Sadé Bates - Research Technician: Studying for PhD.
  • Francesca Corradi - Visiting PhD Student: Returned to Italy to complete PhD.