Lab News

  • Jun 2020 - BSCB Summer Studentship

    Congratulations to Maria Carreira for winning a summer studentship from the British Society for Cell Biology!

  • Oct 2018 - EMBO Leadership Course

    Elina is excited to have been sponsored to attend the EMBO Leadership Course hosted by UCL MRC-LMCB.

  • Sep 2018 - CRUK Programme Award

    Very happy to announce the award of a CRUK Programme Award to Bart Vanhaesebroeck on which Elina is co-I together with co-I Klaus Okkenhaug. We are looking forward to investigating the effects of oncogenic PI3K signalling on microtubule, centrosome and chromosome dynamics.

  • Aug 2018 - Optical Microscopy and Imaging Course

    Katie Dale is setting off for an exciting trip to the Optical Microscopy and Imaging course hosted at the Marine Biological Laboratory! We are very grateful to the MBL for sponsoring her course fees and to BSCB for providing a Honor Fell travel grant.

  • Feb 2018 - Primerdesign Gold Level sponsorship

    Congratulations to our PhD student Katie Dale for winning a Gold Level Primerdesign postgraduate sponsorship.

  • Jan 2018 - Bogue Fellowship

    Many congratulations to our PhD student Katie Dale for winning a Bogue Fellowship!

  • Mar 2017 - BBSRC Tools

    We very pleased to have been award a BBSRC Tools and Resources Development Fund research grant to develop methods to determine chromosome identity in live cells.